A Better Way to Fish

Kayak Fishing Is Taking The World By Storm

Every several years, a unique new addition becomes available for everybody in the sports fishing industry. Something revolutionary always happens every so often, and whether it’s the plastic jerk baits or the trolling motor, there is always another new innovative invention to come along. Sort of how the use of kayaks are used as a fishing platform instead of extreme water sports. Kayak fishing is changing the fishing world, and it is one fast growing change in fishing.

So many people and fishermen are using kayaks. In fact, multiple manufacturers are beginning to create kayaks mainly for fishing, and they have been creating a wide range of them. There are amazing new gear and equipment being made just for this. Another new unique aspect is the kayak fishing competitions being made across the nation, with extremely popular excursions mainly for fisherman into kayak fishing.

The best part about it is how it’s so economical and useful, along with a small upfront payment to get started. It is very affordable to get into with little consistent costs to think about. Kayaks provide fishing access throughout different areas that is not normally easy to get to. Just a single trip to the kayak could change everything for you and turn you into one big kayak fishing lover.
Power boating is known for being a bit more expensive. It could cost more than $20,000 just to get an outfitted flats boat. Kayak for fishing, however, does not need a single amount of fuel, zero insurance, no trailers, and practically little to no maintenance on your part. It actually only weights 50 pounds, and it can transport on top of any type of compact car. It’s so easy to launch, you only need one person i n order to do it where there is water. Of course, you do need the right safety gear and other paddles, but overall, you’ll probably only spend $1,000 at most, which is extremely economical and affordable.
The ordinary kayak is already effective, but just like every boat that floats on water, customizing it can only get better. So many enthusiasts have already rigged their “yaks”, as they call them, with several anchoring programs and back rests, which have a ton of different storage options and pumps. Some have bait wells, coolers, radios, and all kinds of camera mounts and GPs units for enhancing productivity.

These Yaks are actually being used in all kinds of shallow deep ends, so they can be in deep ends or shallow fisheries. It is regardless a great platform for fishing no matter where you go. Some people are catching striper and sharks from deep water. However, if you head out to Southwest Florida and go to the shallow waters, it is becoming its perfect spot for kayak fishing. Of course, the success of shallow fishing is all about stealth. It’s all about stealth and strength, because just a single dropped tool or slam of a hatch and you’re done. Kayaks are perfect for this.
It’s super easy to slip right in quietly almost undetected. It glides practically effortlessly in the water. Sometimes, the only sounds you hear are those of your paddle going in the water.

The kayak has completely changed how I thought about sports fishing. It is so easy to get to spots you can’t really access because of how great the kayak is for getting there quietly without the loud motors. Anybody looking into fishing without the expenses involved with power boating should give this a shot.

The friends I have made who go with me on my fishing moments make it even better. Whether I’m with just two or ten different anglers, I get to learn even more things about kayak fishing and get to do it with others who also love this new innovation.

I get to do so much, ranging from getting to more places and even getting to experiment in more locations, which most of the time is more difficult because of the tendency of another kind of boat to stop me from doing it. Yaks are more comfortable, more reliable, and they can withstand almost everything you need to do to fish in any place you choose to. One thing that is makes me enjoy using it is how you can enjoy the power of staying quiet in almost any venue I go to. It’s practically one quiet kayak with little to zero loud noises. It is not annoying to deal with at all.

Since kayak fishing is more affordable, I wouldn’t be shocked if more people who were on big budgets would try this out as opposed to any other type of fishing platform. It’s safer, more equipped, and much easier to use than other boats. If you are on the verge of buying a brand new boat for fishing, try getting a “Yak” for yourself. It’s cheaper and is actually more affordable, which I think is extremely ironic compared to how well it can be for fishing. Anyone with the desire to fish in any climate and in any location should try getting into kayak fishing and getting their own Yak.

Here, the Naples real estate for fishing is basically endless. There are so many great spots to launch your kayak from. There are plenty of beaches, marinas and parks that have water access. From there, you can get out and fish just about any part of the Naples water without having to paddle too far.